Yahoo allows for SSL encryption

Companies have been placing an increased focus on using improved security features to build trust with its users. Yahoo recently announced that it would allow for SSL encryption throughout its mail sessions. The Electronic Frontier Foundation commended the move as a step forward in protecting the rights of online users. As EFF's Seth Schoen noted in a recent blog post, his organization urged Yahoo to improve its security practices in a November 2012 letter.

Companies such as Google and Microsoft have already recognized the importance of giving users improved security. Gmail has made SSL enabled by default for the past three years. While Yahoo's implementation requires users to opt in, Schoensaid it is a success for data protection and privacy.

EFF's letter to Yahoo referenced previous efforts urging companies to better protect online information. In particular, the organization noted that many users simply don't have a comprehensive understanding of the potential risks they face when transmitting data. As a result, the organization emphasized that it is important for companies to take responsibility in protecting sensitive data as it is sent to their servers.

"A 2009 open letter to Google signed by 37 prominent computer security and privacy experts, urging the use of HTTPS security on services that process personal information, emphasized that HTTPS is 'industry standard' security for protecting personal information on web services," the letter stated.

The letter was signed by a number of privacy advocates, including Gus Hosein of Privacy International and Reporters Without Borders. This showcases widespread support and need for companies to adopt solutions that follow industry best practices and better protect the data they are entrusted with.

As greater emphasis is placed on establishing strong default security, it is important to protect web users. Improve online security by getting your SSL certificate today.

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