Using Thawte SSL security has definitely helped us present a very professional image to current and potential users. Even if people can't explain what SSL does, they're used to seeing the Thawte seal on banking sites and other sites they rely on. That helps to put Pixelock on the same trusted level.
Rex Green, Engineering Manager, Pixelock
Region: US
Industry: Security services
Key Challenges
  • Overcome user uncertainty about entrusting passwords to a third-party service
  • Secure web-based password generation system and protect user data
  • Demonstrate company legitimacy by working with a well-known name in SSL security
  • Provides easily recognizable signals--including Thawte seal and green EV bar--that tool is safe to use
  • Instills trust in unique password generation service that users may be unfamiliar with
  • Establishes company as trustworthy security services provider

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