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Save Time and Money Managing
Multiple Certificates

All active Starter PKI (SPKI) Accounts have been converted to Thawte® Certificate Center Enterprise Accounts, a more robust management platform with more SSL certificates available for volume discounts.

To access your Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise Account:

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Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise Account offers SPKI customers more flexibility and control.

  • More SSL certificate products available for purchase, including SSL Web Server Certificate with EV.
  • More flexibility to mix-and-match pre-purchased units for new, renewal, or multi-year certificates.
  • Manage certificates and users across any size organization with delegated administration and centralized control.

Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise Account is designed for enterprise customers who buy in volume and require centralized control.

  • Enroll once to instantly issue domain validated and full organization validated certificates to approved organizations and domains through a single account.
  • Control costs with volume discounts plus free, unlimited replacement and reissuance of certificates for open accounts.
  • Manage certificates and users across any size organization with delegated administration and centralized control.
  • Reliable enterprise-level support with a dedicated account manager and 24/5 access by phone, email, and chat.
  • Intuitive web-based interface with tabbed navigation, dashboard views of all certificates, and certificate views by organization, administrator, domain, certificate status, and more.
  • Retail blocking prevents members of your organization from purchasing certificates without approval.

SPKI customers will notice a few changes in language used when they sign-in to Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise Account.

Tokens : Units

Instead of tokens with fixed validity periods, you will purchase units by certificate product. A unit equals 1 certificate license per year for any given product, both new and renewal. You may combine units for multi-year validity periods and for multiple server licenses.

Chief Security Officer : Administrator

The SPKI Account hierarchy included a Chief Security Officer and any number of Security Officers. In Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise Account, the Chief Security Officer is replaced by the account administrator. Administrators have account privileges which are configurable and delegated by the account administrator.

Technical Officer : Subscriber

The SPKI Technical Officer is referred to as the Subscriber in Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise Account.

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