How SSL can help you protect...

In the world of online security it's important to make sure that all communications flowing between servers is secure. Whether it's between your e-commerce server and a customer's laptop; a Microsoft Exchange environment, or in an internal-only facing intranet configuration – you need to ensure that your business – and your customers – are protected.

Securing For Web Transactions

If you are hosting a public web site with a sign-in or log-in feature, or a web site where customers enter credit cards or other high value, personally identifiable information, you need to ensure that information is safe from hijacking. An SSL certificate provides that security. You may also choose an SSL certificate with more visible security features – like the "green bar" provided by Extended Validation certificates -- to visually reassure customers that they are safe to transact. Click here to compare our SSL certificates.

Securing For Unified Communications

When you need to secure communications on a Microsoft Exchange server, you will want to make sure that you use the right certificate. Thawte has a SAN/UC SSL certificate specifically designed for this. Click here to learn more about SAN/UC SSL Certificates.

Securing Test Environments

Information on test environments can be just as open to threats as live public facing sites; intellectual property, employee data, and other business-critical information need to be protected. Thawte Web Server certificates are a great cost-effective way to secure your test environments.

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