Trusted Site Seal

Confidence Keeps Customers on Your Site

When you accept credit card numbers online or ask users to create an account, you need to show that your web site can be trusted. The Thawte® Trusted Site Seal gives your web site instant credibility in the online world by visually reassuring customers that your site’s identity has been verified and that it is secured with SSL.

How to Get the Thawte Trusted Site Seal

The Thawte Trusted Site Seal is a globally recognized trust mark, available for display in 18 different languages, and included free with the purchase of a Thawte® SSL Certificate. When you download your seal, choose the size and language most appropriate for your web site.

Purchase and install a Thawte SSL Certificate.

  1. Download your Thawte Trusted Site Seal
  2. Copy and paste the seal script into your web pages.

Where to Display the Seal

Secured Seal Example Placement

Thawte recommends adding the seal script to your secured home page, buy page, sign-in page, and all other pages in your secured domain where customers need assurance. The seal will display within about 2 hours after installation and show that your site is secured by Thawte.

What the Seal Verification Page Displays

Users click the Thawte Trusted Site Seal on web pages in your secured domain to confirm your site’s identity. A seal verification page opens in a new browser window and shows the verified domain name; the certificate authority, which performed the authentication (Thawte); and the certificate’s validity period.

What users see when they click the seal

SSL certificates confirmed with full organization validation and Extended Validation also display the organization name and location in the seal verification page. To learn more about which SSL certificate is right for your organization, go to Get Started with SSL.

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