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Customers who feel secure online are more likely to complete a purchase, personalize their profile, and return to your website. SSL certificates from Thawte powered by DigiCert provide robust authentication and encryption, assuring your customers that their data and transactions are secure. Plus, we offer expert support, an industry-leading authentication process, and easy online management with DigiCert CertCentral platform.

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Wildcard Option. Secure unlimited subdomains
SSL Web Server with EV SSL Web Server SSL123
Issuance Time Most certificates issued in 1-3 days Most certificates issued in one day Most certificates issued in minutes
Best for:
Credit Card Transacting Websites
Banks and Financial Institutions
Best for:
Enterprise Applications
Business Websites
Best for:
Securing Internal Servers
Private Websites
Identity validation and customer assurance Prominent visible assurance to increase trust and boost customer confidence Visible assurance to customers that your website and domain are tied to your organization. SSL encryption with padlock icon
Warranty (USD) $1,500,000 $1,250,000 $500,000
Multi-year Plan options 1-3 years 1-3 years 1-3 years
UCC/SAN Support up to 24 SAN can be added with the same or different domain names up to 24 SAN can be added with the same or different domain names up to 24 SAN can be added with the same domain name
Included with every certificate:
Thawte Trusted Site Seal
With the increase of fraud and identity theft, online visitors have learned to look for trust signs when they transact online. A Thawte Trusted Site Seal, available with every Thawte SSL Certificate, shows web site visitors that their information is protected. Add the Thawte Trusted Site Seal to your home page, buy page, log-in or any other page on your authenticated site where visitors need to verify your web site.
Thawte Certificate Center
Managing your certificates is critical to maintaining your web site security. That's why we include a robust web-based SSL certificate management console with your SSL certificate purchase.
Free reissues
If you make changes or upgrade your server, you can re-issue your certificate at no extra charge.
Access SSL/TLS Tools
Tools to help you manage and install your SSL certificates easily
99% Browser Compatibility
Thawte SSL Certificates are nearly 100% compatible with browsers and systems
Technical support
Full access to our online resources and industry leading technical support team.
Up to 256 bit encryption strength
The security level of an SSL certificate refers to the strength of encryption applied to data. Higher levels of encryption deliver better protection for your site's information
Base Domain Provided as Free SAN
Get as a free SAN when you enroll for or *
30 Day Money Back Gurarantee
If for some reason you are not absolutely satisfied with your Thawte SSL certificate, we will refund your purchase price.

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