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Save time and money by consolidating your Thawte® SSL Certificate purchases with Thawte® Certificate Center Enterprise Account. If you plan to purchase more than 10 certificates per year, bundle your purchases into one easy transaction for faster issuance, centralized control through a robust management console, and discounted pricing. Unlimited Licensing

Benefits and Features

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  • Free unlimited licensing
  • Enroll once to instantly issue full organization validated certificates to approved organizations and domains through a single account.
  • Control costs with volume discounts plus free, unlimited replacement and reissuance of certificates for open accounts.
  • Manage certificates and users across any size organization with delegated administration and centralized control.
  • Reliable enterprise-level support with a dedicated account manager and 24/5 access by phone, email, and chat.
  • Intuitive web-based interface with tabbed navigation, dashboard views of all certificates, and certificate views by organization, administrator, domain, certificate status, and more.


Thawte Certificate Center Enterprise Account is designed for enterprise customers who buy in volume and may require digital certificates for different purposes. To calculate your savings, determine which types of certificates you need, the quantity, and apply the corresponding discount. A "unit" equals 1 certificate for 1 year. The price of the unit depends on the type of certificate selected. Units may be combined for multi-year validity periods.

Wildcard entries for SSL certificates can be purchased using 4 product units, and can be applied at the common name (CN) or SAN level along with other websites simultaneously. Take advantage of simplified certificate deployment and management of multiple domains with wildcard certificates from Thawte.

For more information on Extended Validation SSL read our 'What is EV SSL FAQ page'.

Units* Discount SSL Web Server Certificates SSL Web Server Certificates with EV Code Signing Certificates
1-3 0% $199.00 $299.00 $260.00
4-9 7% $185.07 $278.07 $241.80
10-24 15% $169.15 $254.15 $221.00
25-49 20% $159.20 $239.20 $208.00
50-99 25% $149.25 $224.25 $195.00

* Units are valid for 12 months after purchase. The validity period of the certificate begins on the day of certificate issuance, not the day of unit purchase. Code Signing Units may be used for any supported developer platform.

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