Subject Alternative Names (SAN)

SAN Certificates for Simplified Security

What is SAN and Unified Communications?

Unlimited Licensing Certificates that use Subject Alternative Names (SAN) are powerful tools that you can use to secure multiple domain names inexpensively and efficiently. Thawte SSL Certificates are capable of securing up to 25 fully qualified domain names with a single certificate using SAN. Certificates that use SAN can also be referred to as Unified Communications (UC) certificates and are commonly used with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft Communications Server. Thawte is a recognized Unified Communications certificate partner with Microsoft.

The purpose of a certificate with SAN is the same as that of other certificates. It provides a means for a server to establish its identity and then set up a secure communication. Certificates with SAN also provide a subject alternative name field that allows additional domain names to be protected with just one certificate.

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Why do I need SAN?

Instead of purchasing individual certificates for each domain name, you can add domain names in the SAN fields to share the same certificate. This saves your company the cost of purchasing individual certificates as well the time spent to manage multiple certificates.
As an example, a single certificate which supports SAN would be capable of securing:


What is the difference between a SAN certificate and a Wildcard certificate?

Wildcard certificates are similar to SAN certificates with some restrictions. With a wildcard certificate, you can secure multiple sub-domains with a single unique root domain. For example, if you have a wildcard certificate for, it will also secure and with the same certificate. However, you will not be able to secure multiple unique domains such as, and Learn more: Wildcard SSL certificates


How do I add SAN?

Add SAN to your purchase of Thawte SSL certificates.
Simply add domain names and specify the number of SAN fields you need when you enroll for any of the following certificates:

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